Educating, Equipping, and Empowering Leaders to Achieve Success


There’s no getting around it- change is constant, and in recent years, that change has accelerated at an historic rate. As a leader, how do you cope with change, both from a personal level and from the standpoint of how this change affects your organization? Are you prepared for the many changes that will take place in your business, industry, or the overall global economy?

At Innovative Excellence in Leadership, we understand change.  We understand what it is, and how it affects both the individual and the organization as a whole in a rapidly changing society.  We also understand how change can provide the very opportunity needed to take you from high potential to high performance in an effective, collaborative, and innovative way that will produce the results you are seeking.

We are a group of professional consultants who are experienced in several areas of business leadership, marketing, and administration. The company aims to serve the needs of the business leaders who are looking to train and develop their teams into becoming high performance professions who consistently achieve effective results, are empowered to reach their fullest potential and are able to effectively communicate all levels within an organization.

We bring over 50 years of combined experience in executive-level leadership, financial management, sales, marketing, and human resource management.  Our desire is to use that experience to train and develop other leaders who seek excellence and success in the overall culture within their organization, as we know this results in greater productivity, efficiency, and profit.

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