News Release: High Performance Leadership Program Debuts to Unleash Unprecedented Levels of Performance


WACO, Texas—April 9, 2013360Solutions announced today the debut of its High Performance Leadership program that will enable companies to develop and implement transformational leadership and succession-planning initiatives through seminars, retreats, assessments and one-on-one executive coaching.


“The goal of the HPL program is to equip existing and emerging leaders with the tools, knowledge and skill sets they need to turn high potential into high performance,” says Chip Wilson, CEO, 360Solutions. “With faculty members located across the United States and the world, the HPL program offers the opportunity for developing leaders to realize their potential through an accessible and demonstrably effective process.”


The HPL program offers the highest level of training for existing and emerging leaders through the use of proven best practices in leadership. Through the program, organizations are able to enlist expert guidance and training from a select group of faculty members who are preeminent leaders in their fields.


“Leaders set the tone, define direction, build architecture, execute plans, transform attitudes and behavior, remove barriers, and produce results; yet, doing this is more challenging than ever due to the accelerating pace of change and escalating complexity of the world around us,” says Roger K. Allen, Ph.D., president, The Center for Organizational Design, Littleton, Co., and HPL faculty member. “The HPL suite of programs will empower leaders from the senior suites to the front line adapt to new business realities and create customer-centric, collaborative organizations in which all employees perform at the peak of their ability. We do this through the most engaging, relevant and actionable content on the market today.”


The HPL program’s principles and practices are based upon observation and research from the foremost authorities in the field of leadership. Programs can be developed for groups of any size and at any level of experience and include:

  • ·         One-day seminars that lay the foundation for high performance leadership
  • ·         Two-to-three day retreats that allow for further leadership development
  • ·         A one-year, comprehensive development program that introduces foundational skills
  • ·         Custom, in-house training


In addition to providing world-class training and development programs, the HPL faculty members are available for speaking engagements, editorial contributions, and expert opinion and commentary.


The inaugural U.S.-based HPL faculty includes the following experts:

  • ·         Carol Albertus, president, C Change & Associates, New York
  • ·         Roger K. Allen, Ph.D., co-founder and president, The Center for Organizational Design, Littleton, Co.
  • ·         Bryan Arzani, vice president and co-founder, The Results Group, Johnston, Iowa
    • ·         Judy Beatrice, MBA, MPH, MST, executive leadership development consultant, Hyperion 360 Solutions, Boston
    • ·         Kevin Berchelmann, president and CEO, Triangle Performance, Houston
    • ·         Patty Carroll, founder, Business Outcomes Consulting, Vancouver, Wash.
    • ·         Scott Carroll, founder, Business Outcomes Consulting, Vancouver, Wash.
    • ·         Kim T. Coon, president and CEO, Blue Vase Consulting, Camp Hill, Pa.
    • ·         Milton Corsey, MBA, owner, Evolution Management Training & Consulting, Deptford, N.J.
    • ·         Jennifer Erickson, president and co-founder, The Results Group, Johnston, Iowa
      • ·         Bob Foley, president and CEO, 360 Talent Advisors, Boston
      • ·         Pam Gibbons, owner, GHR Leadership Development, Seattle
      • ·         Debra Jones, president, Performant Solutions, Indianapolis
      • ·         Doug Lundrigan, MBA, president, Lighthouse Business Solutions, Portland, Ore.
      • ·         Lois Lundrigan, CEO, Lighthouse Business Solutions, Portland, Ore.
      • ·         Jill Olson, Ed.S., trainer, The Results Group, Johnston, Iowa
      • ·         Lori Ranshaw, partner, Innovative Excellence in Leadership, Dallas
      • ·         Mike Ranshaw, partner, Innovative Excellence in Leadership, Dallas
      • ·         Tom Walsh, PhD, president, Grenell Consulting Group, Liverpool. N.Y.
      • ·         Joe Whalen, MBA, organizational design consultant, Hyperion 360 Solutions, Boston


The international faculty includes the following experts:

  • ·         Lothar Bielke, founder, My Potential SàrlGeneva, Switzerland
  • ·         Bassem Henri, managing director, 360Solutions, Cairo, Egypt
  • ·         Mohammed Issa, president, Quantum Shift Coaching Solutions, Accra, Ghana
  • ·         Juan Mercado, managing partner, 360 Solutions Mexico, Mexico City
  • ·         Tilda Mmegwa, CEO, TDI Global, Accra, Ghana
  • ·         Majd Shweikeh, CMA, founder and president, Masharek, Amman, Jordan
  • ·         Salma Skahnini, MBA, managing director, Icon Investment Consultants, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  • ·         Andy Susetio, founding partner, MBA, DBA, PT. Thaxa Management International, Bekasi, Indonesia
  • ·         Aubrey J. Tennant, managing director, 360Solutions Canada, Vancouver, B.C.


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