Training and Development

There’s no getting around it – change is constant, and in recent years, that change has accelerated at an historic rate. As a leader, how do you cope with change, both from a personal level and from the standpoint of how this change affects your organization? Are you prepared for the many changes that will take place in your business, industry, or the overall global economy?

At Innovative Excellence in Leadership, we understand change. We understand what it is, and how it affects both the individual and the organization as a whole in a rapidly changing society. We also understand how change can provide the very opportunity needed to take you from high potential to high performance in an effective, collaborative, and innovative way that will produce the results you are seeking.

Individual Training

The focus of IE Leadership is to successfully develop and improve senior leadership, executive talent, and human capital. Our goal is to facilitate the change process of our clients in order to achieve visible and lasting transformation. This integrated process results in increased trust, communication, productivity and performance, employee engagement and satisfaction, and ultimately, greater profits for the organization. We do this by doing our best to maintain communication and accessibility to our clients. What makes Innovative Excellence in Leadership different? We believe it to be our follow-up and follow-through efforts that are accomplished through continued contact and support. We have developed effective methods to help our clients retain what they have learned on an ongoing basis that we can regularly monitor and measure. There are many individuals that struggle with development within their work environment. It is statistically proven that longevity, loyalty, profitability, and efficiencies will be gained when high performance team building precepts are place within the operating procedures of companies. IE Leadership will develop and train organizations in this process with measurable and guaranteed results.

Corporate Training

We are “real world practitioners” within the business arena and its leadership. Mike and Lori Ranshaw are a team of experienced business professionals who have first-hand knowledge and experience in business operations, employer-employee relations, communications, team-building, assessment, and leadership development. Coupled with our strategic alliances, our team’s combined experience and expertise allows us to provide a comprehensive portfolio of services to our clients. Many companies struggle with the development of their employees, which is unfortunate as research has proven that success depends on getting the most from each and every staff member. IE Leadership will develop and train organizations to achieve high performance with measurable and guaranteed results.

For more information about IE Leadership and Performance Training programs, please call IE Leadership and Performance at 214.705.2821 or email us at for more information.